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Founder : Kim Jin-Whan (1874-1938)
The 2nd President : Kim Nak-Hun (1894-1971)
The 3rd President : Kim Joon-Ki (1922- )

Company Opening Advertisement on Newspaper (1912)
Location map of company in early years(Jongno 1ga)
The 25th anniversary : at Soyo mountain(1937)
The 30th anniversary : at the president's residence(1942)
The 57th anniversary : at Kwangnung(1969)
The 88th anniversary : at JungDongJin (2000)
The 90th anniversary : at ImJinGak (2002)
The 90th anniversary : at New Paju Plant (2002)
The 95th anniversary : at JeonDeungSa (2007)

1912 Pictures and writings of the founder Kim Jin-Whan
1912 A diploma of graduation for private school, etc.
1912-1940 Front covers and pictorials of magazines
1913 Hangul(Korean letter) writing book, etc.
1915 Collections of forms
1917 A model handwriting of Chinese characters, etc.
1922 'A dog and a child' painted by `Won-san-ung-geo'
1923 The handwritings of kings in Chosun Dynasty
1925 The first printed hymnals
1927 Invitation cards for YMCA conference
1930 Front covers of monthly magazines
1932 Prints for wallpapers and folding screens
1933-1941 Christmas seals
1934 Prints for wall closet doors
1938 Works of famous calligraphers in Chosun Dynasty
1938 The world atlas--a suppl. to `Chosun-ilbo'(8-color)
1939 The world atlas--a suppl. to `Dong-a-ilbo'(8-color)
1943 A thousand-characters text by Han Ho(`Seog-bong')
1946 Posters in memory of `The Independence Movement'
1955-1965 Authorized textbooks for elementary school
1956 Korean geological maps (9-color)
1959 A map of whole Korean peninsula (9-color, English)
1959-1969 Front covers of monthly magazines
1967 Type setting for export to Japan